RT - TY杂志的年- 2012-05-30摩根富林明当前世界环境乔- SP - OP - VO - 19 - 20 UL - www.a-i-l-s-a.com/article/350/ - 10.12944 / CWE.7.1.05 N2的技术来改善学生的满足学术需求,帮助他们发展英语技能提供多媒体教学过程中learning in the classroom. Multimedia classroom provide the students chances for interacting with diverse texts that give them a solid background in the tasks and content of mainstream college courses. The writing aims to find out some advantages of the use of multimedia in the classroom. Also, the involvement of technology in the classroom can not denied giving positive point to improving the quality of teaching and giving more various techniques in teaching a foreign language. The research uses a qualitative method giving a deeply description using multimedia in the classroom. The difference between a traditional classroom and multimedia classroom has been drawn in this writing. The writing shows that there are some advantages in teaching English using multimedia as a technique in teaching process in the classroom. Through the media the teacher could give more opportunity to students to express their opinions and enjoy during the course. The highly presence and motivation also bring positive aspects to students so that they can improve their skills. ER -